As an organization with a long history, there have been many people and companies over the years who have had an impact on SSPC. Each year, awards are presented at the SSPC annual conference to recognize individuals and companies who have made recent and long-term contributions to the success of the organization and who have represented the coatings industry in a positive light.


  • SSPC Honorary Life Member Award recognizing extraordinary contribution and long-term activity on behalf of SSPC
  • John D. Keane Award of Merit, named for SSPC’s executive director from 1957 to 1984, acknowledges outstanding leadership and significant contribution to the development of the protective coatings industry and to SSPC
  • Richard W. Drisko Coatings Education Award for significant development and dissemination of education material and technical information relating to protective coatings and their application
  • SSPC Technical Achievement Award recognizing outstanding service, leadership, and contribution to the SSPC technical committees
  • Women in Coatings Impact Award was established to recognize women in the coatings industry who have contributed to creating a positive impact on the culture of the industry
  • President’s Lecture Series Award is presented to papers handpicked by the SSPC President and chosen for the reflection of the coatings industry and profession
  • JPCL Editor’s Awards for outstanding papers
  • SSPC Outstanding Publication Award presented to the author(s) of the best technical paper or presentation

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  • William Johnson Award for outstanding achievement demonstrating aesthetic merit in industrial coatings work
  • E. Crone Knoy Award that recognizes outstanding achievement in commercial coatings work
  • Charles G. Munger Award for outstanding industrial or commercial project demonstrating longevity of the original coating
  • George Campbell Award that recognizes a single outstanding achievement in the completion of a difficult or complex industrial coatings project
  • Military Coatings Award of Excellence for exceptional coatings work performed on U.S. military ships, structures, or facilities
  • Eric S. Kline Award for outstanding achievement in industrial coatings work performed in a fixed shop facility. The project can be repair work or new construction.
  • Coatings Industry Spirit Award for recognition of a coatings project that demonstrates extraordinary service benefitting a community or the industry

To nominate a project for one of our structure awards, download the nomination form here.

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  • SSPC Outstanding Chapter Awards, presented to the Outstanding North America Chapter and the Outstanding International Chapter. Chapters are evaluated on the overall operation of the chapter and the creativity and quality of the events that they hold each year.

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